I Still Believe

I Still Believe is the true story of the marriage of Jeremy and Melissa Camp and the life they lived together. It was released in theater in march of 2020, but due to the recent events and the theaters shutting down this is one of the movies released early on streaming. You can find it to rent on most streaming platforms that rent movies (not Netflix).

 I need to admit something right up front on this review. Before viewing this movie I firmly held the perspective that I do not care for musician biopics about people who are still alive and have a large say in how the story is told. I personally prefer stories told from the perspective of people who were impacted by others who have come before. I’m specifically thinking about movies like 2019s Rocketman about Elton John. These type of films seem like an ego ride for the individual the movie was about. I shared this opinion with christian films as well like 2018s I Can Only Imagine, which isn’t a bad movie. And although I know it was made for a different purpose I couldn’t separate it for some reason. But I have to say that after watching this, I have changed my thinking on the subject. When looking at the way Christians go out and find new ways to share their testimonies and impact people I realized this is another way to do that, on an even larger scale. So I apologize to I Can Only Imagine (I know my opinion doesn’t matter that much). It is about the message the story is telling, not about the individual behind the story. On the contrast with a movie like that of Rocketman which is purely self-indulgent. It’s about spreading the message of Christ through film, quite well I might add.

 I Still Believe is about how Jeremy Camp met and fell in love with his wife Melissa Henning. It goes through their lives together dealing with sickness and loss while trusting in God, even in the hardest of times. I know its probably a pretty common story to those who know Jeremy Camps story, but for those who don’t know, I’m not going to go into to much detail with the plot, I do not want to spoil it for anyone. Go watch the Film. It was directed by Andrew and Jon Erwin, and the screenplay was written by Jon Gunn who is best known for his work on The Case For Christ and Do you Believe. The cast is comprised of Melissa Roxburgh, Shania Twain, Gary Sinise, KJ Apa and Britt Robertson as Jeremy and Melissa. Everyone does a really good job and portrays these people really well. Gary Sinise for the smaller role that he plays really shines, his acting chops are superb especially when you look at his filmography. KJ Apa as well does great, he’s from New Zealand by the way, and Britt Robertson is outstanding. She steals the screen time and tugs on your heartstrings.

 This is an emotional movie, the content is extreme. Which makes the outcome all the more encouraging and overwhelming. God’s ability to take so much pain and at times anger and turn it into a blessing is so convicting to watch. It also gives us all a view into their lives and lets us in a small way, know this woman and who she was and the God she loved.

 It was beautifully shot and filmed on incredible locations. The beaches and the mountains. The bedrooms and hospital rooms. The overall look of the movie was truly a spectacle to watch. As far as content goes it is rated PG and their is no questionable content to worry about in regards to small children. The hardest part is the dramatic material the film covers in terms of sickness and death.

 You can just tell watching this movie that everyone involved knew exactly the story they wanted to tell.

They didn’t try to add to many factors or conveys to many messages. From beginning to end they were in control and its all the better because of it. My one critique, especially having grown up listening to Jeremy Camp, KJ Apa for as good as a performance he gives doesn’t sound like Jeremy Camp while he was singing. But that is all personal and doesn’t effect the movie in any way.

 So. Should you watch this movie? Should you pay the $19.99 to rent this movie? Yes rent it, support it. These are the types of movies we should be promoting, and since it can not go into theaters (where the majority of movies make most of their money) we need to show as much monetary support as possible. You would have spent that much and more with concessions to see it in theaters. Watch it and REMEMBER THAT MOVIE!

Thank you all for subscribing and reading my reviews of these movies. My wife and I have also started a podcast called REMEMBER THAT MOVIE and can be found wherever you listen to podcasts.   

Philippians 3:14

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus”


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