About me

Hello everyone, I was just sitting here thinking it was about time my site had a bio section. SO “here we go”(said in a menacing tone) guess that movie. My name is Jesse Keehn, I was born in August of 1990, my parents were very interactive in my life and the lives of my four sisters. So much so that we were homeschooled through high school. To a lot of people that sounds crazy but we enjoyed it. It was at an early age where my father instilled in me a love for Jesus and movies. One of my fondest memories growing up, especially being the only boy in a house full of little women, was getting the opportunities to go to the movies with my dad. Even more than just going and watching a film though, it was the drive home that I enjoyed just as much. Just about the entire 40-minute drive, we would talk about the movie, and not just did you like it or not. But why, why did you like it? What about it didn’t you like? What is the movie telling us, things like that? It made the movie-going experience more than just a two hour waste of time or escape from reality and turned it into an incredible time to take the realities in the film and relate them to our world and our situations. It made it real, even movies about dinosaurs or robots or whatever. I loved and appreciated every time we went and could talk about how a movie would impact our lives. I can still remember where I was the first time I watched Transformers. What seat I was sitting in when Heath Ledger gave us the performance of a lifetime in The Dark Knight. The feelings I got watching Passion of the Christ on the big screen. I remember my feet sticking to the floors of the Laporte Theater, we had to go there when we would go as a family. There were a lot of us, it was cheaper but not one of the nicest establishments. This is still something that my dad and I do to this day and a tradition that I desire to carry on with my children as they grow.
When I was 19 I met my wife to be Verarose, she introduced me to a specific genre that I was never really a huge fan of. Growing up my dad and I never really watched horror movies, they can be inappropriate and have a weak story. Sorry to everyone who loves horror movies, but once I started hanging out with my wife’s family it was a genre that they frequented more than any other. And I noticed that there were good movies, like any genre not all movies are good, but not all movies are bad as well. I remember watching The Mist or Saw in her living room with her entire family. By the way, I understand if you do not like The Saw movies but that first film is much deeper than just people being murdered. Ironically after she had our first child she no longer enjoyed horror movies as much as I did, movies like the Conjuring films, Silence of the Lambs. Or the It movies, but those movies have a lot of flaws. Now we have been married for over 10 years and we love to sit and watch movies, we even came up with our review sheets a few years ago which ask specific questions about the movie while we are watching it. Now we have a house full of kids, we enjoy sitting together and I like showing them Marvel or other Disney movies and discussing why these movies impact our lives so greatly. They are pretty insightful kids for being 9 and under. I like playing movie score soundtracks and talking with them about the emotions behind the music and how it hits us in ways that what we see on screen can’t. To go a step further from there the way God designed us to take these mediums in and absorb it. It is a beautiful thing. Throughout my life I can’t help but quote movies all the time, typically getting weird looks from people who don’t know what I’m talking about or chuckles from those who have seen the movie and get the reference. I find it fitting for me to end this in the same fashion. “So in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.” and “I love you 3000”.


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