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I’m sitting here learning more about running internet ads and watching Avengers: Endgame. Over the course of the last few weeks Vera and I recently watched the three movies leading up to Zach Snyder’s upcoming Justice League remake. (Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad and Joss Whedon’s 2017 Justice League).

I’m sitting here thinking about the differences between these two powerhouse markets. Trying to figure out why Marvel seems to have nailed down a fool proof method of storytelling while DC seems to abound in foolishness and falling short.

CAP just picked up mjolnir!

Sorry didn’t mean to get off topic. The biggest difference that I’ve noticed is characterization. Warner Bros. and DC seem to want to take as many shortcuts as possible to create a world that feels fleshed out and real. Well as real as a world with superheroes can feel. They haven’t taken chances that are risky and invested in them whether they pay off or not, instead choosing to play it safe and predictable with cookie cutter story and cardboard cutout characters and if Marvel is an example of anything it is that, taking chances. With more hits than misses to date.

It goes to say for any story, but gives us characters we can relate to (even if they are aliens from another planet). Give them flesh and blood and motivations and failures. Man of Steel is a well made and focused movie, and there are elements of Batman v Superman that I think work but nothing in the DCEU world gives me goose bumps as much as Captain American finally saying Avengers Assemble. So for now I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Zach Snyder can do recreating a story that’s already been told. But lets take care to flesh out our characters in as many films that its going to take to tell the story to its fullest potential.



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