Halloween Movies

Should We or Shouldn’t We?

Hello Everyone,

 It’s been a long time since my last posting. Unfortunately, I’ve been pretty busy, trying to move my family into a new house, which has proven to be more challenging than I thought it would be, finally got the hot water working. As well as trying to get the podcast turned YouTube channel off the ground. Still a work in progress so please go check us out over at Popcorn and coffee on YouTube,. My friends and I talk all things Movies/TV and movie news.

 But here we are, and now we find ourselves in October which is the heart and soul of the horror genre. Where the “holiday” is the title of the film franchise, and Freddy is terrorizing the dreams of teenagers.  Where we get the reason why we don’t look under the bed and never SCREAM!

 But this topic sparks a lot of discussion about the relevancy of films like these especially in Christian circles. What does the Bible say about all this. I think that’s something I would like to break down and dig in to for the next few weeks leading up to this interesting but altogether unnecessary holiday “All Hollows Eve”.  

 I think we should talk about the Holiday itself for a second before we get into the films that revolve around it. Which as far as I can tell from my investigation, which is very little if I’m being honest, began with its pagan roots in Celtic and Gaelic traditions, where individuals would dress up in an effort to ward off evil spirits. But for most people today simply comes in the form of dressing up as both spooky (ghosts and goblins) and not-so-spooky characters (Captain America and Elsa) from modern stories and folklore. But for those on this side of the aisle who grew up in the church we probably remember the not-so-subtle remake “Harvest Party”. A time where we pretty much do the same thing as everyone else, dress up, EVEN ALLOWING THE SPOOKY CHARACTERS, and letting the kids have their fun and get their candy in the parking lot of a church instead of known and unknow neighborhoods. What are we to do with not only this day but this time of the year? Is there a place for a Christian to enjoy this holiday in any way? That’s some of the discussion I want to get into.

 So in terms of the movie industry, I see a few different genres that thrive this time of the year. At least the three that I care to talk about. 1. Thrillers 2. Horror 3. Slashers. I want to look at different types of horror movies. Scary comedies, demonic possession, allegorical thrillers. Directors and writers from the likes of Steven King or Ted Dekker. The directorial differences of John Carpenter, Wes Craven, M. Night Shyamalan or David Fincher.

 So if your still reading, my goal is to shed some light on the culture that we live in as well as give a honest and wise response to how we as Christian should approach the topic of HALLOWEEN.

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