The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man comes to us from Blumhouse Production Company. The story and vision are from Leigh Whannell, who has brought us the likes of Saw, Upgrade and the Insidious franchise. When it comes to horror movies this man has great direction. We have Elisabeth Moss as the main character Cecilia Kass and opposite her is Oliver Jackson-Cohen as the invisible man himself Adrian Griffin. Along with the two of them, there is Harriet Dyer, Aldis Hodge, and Michael Dorman. This cast is superb and knows exactly what they are doing to bring this story to life. Elisabeth Moss is incredible as she stars as the character that we follow throughout the film. This movie is classified as a horror sci-fi, has a 124 minute run time and is rated R for strong bloody violence and language.
The story follows a young woman as she tries to get out of an abusive relationship and away from her overprotective, controlling boyfriend. After his untimely passing, she begins to become haunted by a ghost of his former self, but we later find out that it might not be what it seems. She chances down what she thinks is this invisible man while everyone around believes she is going mad.

This movie is tense from the opening scene as she sneaks out of his house in fear for her life. Elisabeth Moss does a phenomenal job as this character that is both terrified of her current situation while battling signs of PTSD. She goes above and beyond in her role and we are all the better because of it, at the same time every other character feels so real in their respective roles. This world feels lived in. It was intriguing to watch a movie about the invisible man and he is not the main character with a story arc. I know I mentioned it in my podcast but I want to bring it up here as well. When I thought about a movie about the invisible man my mind went straight to 2000 Hollow Man starring Kevin Bacon. This is not that, and honestly, we can forget about that movie. This is the movie about this story we’ve been waiting for. The cinematography is impeccable in every scene. The lighting conveys the tone of the movie perfectly. They shot the scenes in a way that make you think that this man could always be in the room. Any shot that is of an empty hallway or just the front yard makes you wonder if he is watching her, and in some ways watching you, and when they do reveal that he IS in the scene it is done tastefully. By tastefully I mean that it isn’t done in a cheap run of the mill’s horror movie way. One of the main reasons I do not like horror movies is that in my opinion there are times that they sacrifice story substance for a quick scare, but movies like this earn the times that it reveals our antagonist in some simple yet frightening ways. Some of which are truly terrifying. In one scene Celcilia is outside and you see her breath, then behind her, you see breath. I think that shot was in the trailer, but it was so subtle and not trying too hard that it worked well. I don’t want to reveal all the jump scares though.

I appreciated how they modernized the story that seemed relevant. This movie is very creative and original. To explain a little, instead of a potion that someone drinks to turn him invisible, it is simply a tech genius that creates a suit that allows him to become invisible with the use of many micro cameras. Not unlike the tech Mysterio used in Spiderman Far from Home if I’m being honest. It works perfectly for the plot.

Now let me comment on one aspect that I didn’t enjoy. And not that it took me out of the movie or ruined it for me. Just that I would have liked to see something else happen. But what do I know I am not a filmmaker. The movie ends with Celcilia getting revenge on the man who killed her loved ones and tormented her life. It isn’t the plot point that she kills him that bothers me, more how she handled it. The movie ends with her killing him, making it look like he committed suicide, but the part that I didn’t enjoy was the enjoyment she got from it. It went beyond a simple sigh of relief that her abuser was dead and she really seemed like she enjoyed killing him. Not to mention she left with an invisible suit. Making it seem to me like if there were ever a sequel she would be the one tormenting and killing someone else. It just seemed out of character to the person we had watched the whole movie.
It is rated R as I stated up top, obviously this is not a movie for the whole family. But even though it is rated R for bloody violence and language, it is not as bloody as I thought it would be and there isn’t as much language as I expected. This movie is rather clean which is a pleasant surprise. There are scenes where throats are cut and people are shot but they are not as frequent as one would expect in a movie like this, and as far as the language goes it uses some of the more abrasive language in alignment with films of this nature but again less frequent than I expected. There is also a scene with the main character in the shower but it is not used disrespectfully and moves on rather quickly. Scenes like this are still heavily debatable on whether they are needed or not but I digress.
All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this and it was well worth the renting price they were asking. I wish I had an opportunity to see this movie in theaters. Should you sit down with your significant other in a dark room and watch this movie? I say not only do that but REMEMBER THIS MOVIE. I even suggest movie your couch out a little bit so there is a path behind you just to add an extra layer of fear if there is someone behind you.

Thank you all for reading my review and please leave a comment on what you thought about this movie.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6


2 thoughts on “The Invisible Man

  1. I also love how this movie uses the story arc to add suspense over those cheap gotcha moments. This movie is similar to A Quiet Place in that both illustrate how you don’t need to see a lot of brutality or even see the antagonist for a movie to be chilling. I would love to hear your review of A Quiet Place and your opinion on the family dynamics/your take on the portrayal of fatherhood in that movie.


    1. I completely agree with your comparisons! That is also a really well structured movie. I think there are many times in films like these were the filmmaker can leave it ambiguous, and allows the audience to create and fill in the gaps of the story for ourselves. Which at times can be more frightening than them showing us something specific. Both of these movies do that really well. I would love to watch that one again, it’s been too long.


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